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Radical Creatives

A Film Directed by Emilia Hernesniemi

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Radical Creatives – A deep dive into radical creativity

There is no ready formula for changing the world. “Radical Creatives” recognises the potential of creativity as a force for global change towards a more attractive and nuanced future.

The 1-hour documentary explores the underutilized power of radical creativity. It's a story of overcoming self-doubt by using a collective creative force. The artistically and visually unique film showcases change-makers from diverse backgrounds at a Finnish university who courageously drive towards the new and unknown.

The film weaves a compelling narrative that captivates the world of Finnish oddity at Aalto University and beyond, where tradition meets rebellion. Creativity is courage and action; it belongs to everyone and lives in all of us.

Radical Creatives synopsis image

About the film

Directed & written by

Emilia Hernesniemi

Produced by

Aalto University and ÄÄRI




58 min

Country of production


Year of production


The cast

Meet chemists, scientists, designers, start-up entrepreneurs, architects, students, artists, brain researchers, as well as fashion designers – all searching and practicing radical creativity in their work and life. Explore if radical creativity can be relevant and impactful for human rights activists, peace negotiators, philosophers, or even ice researchers.

Arto O. Salonen

Professor, Social Pedagogy, University of Eastern Finland

Ervin Latimer

Fashion and Print Designer, Writer, Aalto alum

Max Malka

Writer-producer, Aalto alum

Milla Vaahtera

Artist and designer, visiting lecturer at Aalto

Sophia Jansson

Creative Director, Moomin Characters

Ujuni Ahmed

Human rights activist

Jimi Särmö

Creative Director & Founder, VAIN

Kristo Ovaska

CEO & Founder,, Aalto alum

Tej Chauhan

Industrial Designer

Pauliina Ilmonen

Professor, Statistics, Aalto University

Ilkka Niemelä

President, Aalto University

Pekka Haavisto

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland (2019-2023)

Julia Lohmann

Professor, Contemporary Design, Aalto University

Iman El Gharamti

Researcher, Ice Mechanics, Aalto University

Panu Savolainen

Professor, History of Architecture, Aalto University

Minna Halme

Professor, Sustainability Management, Aalto University

Risto Ilmoniemi

Professor, Applied Physics, Neuroscientist, Aalto University

Pirjo Kääriäinen

Professor, Design and Materialities, Aalto University

Tapani Vuorinen

Professor, Forest Products Chemistry, Aalto University

Ville Eloranta

Lecturer, International Design Business Management, Aalto University

Otto Toivanen

Professor, Economics, Aalto University

Kalevi Ekman

Professor, Product development, Founder of Aalto Design Factory

Anna Semi

Teacher, textile design & fashion, Aalto University

Nitin Sawhney

Professor of Practice, Responsible AI, Aalto University

Koray Tahiroglu

Researcher, Digital Musical Interactions, Instruments & Performances, Aalto University

Jaan Praks

Professor, Electrical Engineering, Aalto University

Rafal Modrzewski

CEO & Co-Founder, Iceye, Aalto alum

Imose Iduozee

Student, Chemical Engineering, Aalto University

Saban Ramadani

Student, Art Education, Aalto University

Jonathan Guzman

Student, Screenwriting, Aalto University

Ella Palo

Student, Information Networks, Aalto University



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Radical Creatives documentary in the news

Meet the crew

Meet the people behind the documentary

Emilia Hernesniemi

Director & Script Writer

Emilia Hernesniemi (born in 1983) is a Finnish filmmaker, who initially forged a successful career in fashion as a designer and creative director across cities like Copenhagen, Berlin, and Helsinki.

Radical Creatives is Hernesniemi's first feature-length documentary. She has also directed and written short documentaries, theatre pieces and music videos. In her film work, Hernesniemi aims to document the invisible - the feeling, the atmosphere instead of following the physical, chronological side of events.

Her short documentary, Goodbye Tornio (orig. Hei Hei Tornio) premiered at the prestigious Toronto Hot Docs festival and the film also received widespread acclaim, securing accolades such as the Finnish Jussi award.

Iiris Sjöblad


Iiris Sjöblad (born in 1991) is a director, photographer, and cinematographer, always seeking truth in her work. She focuses on relatable stories and emotions on screens: 'In addition to truth, dreams, and emotions, diversity and inclusion are important topics for me. The world still needs to provide more space for people whose voices have been oppressed throughout the history of mankind.'

Her cinematography style is rich and dreamy, bringing fantasies to life and embracing bold usage of color. Radical Creatives is Sjöblad's first feature-length documentary as a cinematographer. She was the cinematographer in the award-winning Goodbye Tornio short film (orig. Hei Hei Tornio)

Emilia Hernesniemi

Director & script writer

Iiris Sjöblad


Ilona Malinen

Lead producer

Nita Rehtonen

Creative producer & casting

Milla Kokko

Executive producer & casting

Kimmo Syväri

Executive producer

James Coker & Milla Rajakallio


Marié Grace Iradukunda

Costume designer

Ruut Mantila

Set decorators & props

François Yazbeck

Sound designer

Tapio Viitasaari


Jennifer Appleton

Hair & makeup